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Sure, A.I. is impressive no doubt. But let's face it, successfully launching your first product is a wild mix of determination, patience, and a sprinkle of luck. The good news? SquidLaunch is here to simplify things for you. Armed with our powerful tools, extensive network, and hard-earned expertise, we're turning that tough guesswork into a well-tread path. See your profits clearly, speed up your journey, and succeed through a proven method, not mere luck.

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The Spreadsheet That Saved My Biz

"If you saw Tenikle on Shark Tank, you'd know that at one point I went broke with my business. I learned the hard way that if you don't know ALL of your numbers, it will catch up with you. Quick. Which is why I created the Bean Counter. An in-depth profit calculator I wish I'd had at the beginning that saved my business, now made available for you." - Hans

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Discover Your Product's Potential Profit.

Whether you're starting with no experience, or you've been running a product brand already, nailing your margins is usually the most boring aspect of launching a product business. Get excited and nerd-out on your product's true costs and tangible profits with our BEAN COUNTER.

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Your success is one meeting away from the right person that will get you where you need to be. Get our handpick contact list of service providers that have helped shape our success with our $1M ROLODEX.

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All the steps to launching a product brand. We detail (but not overwhelm) everything from coming up with a million-dollar idea, patenting it yourself, designing, engineering, sourcing, and launching.

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