Welcome to SquidLaunch

We are a bi-coastal boutique team of experts based in San Diego & Brooklyn NY with over 30 years combined experience doing what we love.

SquidLaunch's name comes from the our co-founder Hans's journey of launching his multi-million dollar successful squid-inspired product company that you may have seen on Shark Tank, Tenikle.


Stepping into the Tank, Tenikle was on the verge of bankruptcy after flubbing the realities of business cashflow—a far too common trap for many innovative products. With newfound determination and an opportunity for redemption backed by their new Shark partner, Daymnond John, Hans's #1 priority was to straighten out the companies finances.

Armed with several cups of coffee, Google Sheets, and years of performance data, Hans developed a golden spreadsheet to gain clarity of the business's true profits to plan for healthy cashflow. Several millions of dollars in revenue later, the successful calculator that vaporized the businesses debt and sustained growth has been polished, refined, and templated for anyone to use.

SquidLaunch's team of experts behind the success of Tenikle and several other house-hold businesses are here to assist aspiring product entrepreneurs. While the path to success may seem incredibly daunting, SquidLaunch has made smooth sailing in treacherous seas finally possible.

If you're looking for someone to step in and provide additional help, schedule a free consultation with us.

Happy Launching!

-The SquidLaunch Team